What you need to know

Whatever the underlying problem is with your knee, surgery is a significant step. Remember, surgery can be done but it can never be undone. All operations, no matter how routine and simple, carry risks. It is vital that you consider the balance of risks and benefits when you are deciding on surgery on your knee.

The aim of surgery is to return you to the best possible function in the least time with the lowest risk of complications. There are several questions you must always ask yourself - and your surgeon.

  • Are my symptoms really bad enough to require surgery?
  • Are there any other reasonable alternatives to surgery that I have not tried?
  • What can I expect from the operation - will it actually cure the problem or just improve the situation?
  • Do I know what the operation will actually involve?
  • What sort of anaesthetic will be available?
  • How long will I be in hospital?
  • How long will it be before I get back to a normal life?
  • What will I need in the way of rehabilitation - and can I put in the time and effort?
  • What are the specific risks of the operation? (see section on risks and complications)
  • Could there be further problems in the future?

It is known that the results of surgery are related to the experience of the surgeon. It is perfectly reasonable to ask your surgeon the following questions if you feel they are relevant to your situation.

How many of these operations do you perform?

All surgeons should keep an up to date log-book of operations they have done.

How many of these operations are done in the unit where I will have my surgery?

The results are not just related to the number of operations the surgeon has done, but also how many are done in the unit or hospital.

What complications has your surgeon experienced with this operation?

Not only should your surgeon have an up to date log-book, but he should record and audit the outcome and complications.

For many operations, patient information sheets are available. You should read those specifically produced by your surgeon as they relate to their standard practice which does vary from surgeon to surgeon.

The information sheets for Phil Turner are included at the end of each section on the specific operations under "Surgical Procedures".


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